Keep It Simple

Here at Sound Advice HQ we like to keep things simple. We produce great shows with fantastic performers, and we like our clients to have a lovely time in stunning locations…

It’s also important to us that the iconic company phone gets to go to said beautiful places. After all, he’s been calling in the best since 1981 so allowed treats too.



Kitchen Disco Goddess, recent author and all round good egg doing what she does best in an upmarket Mayfair eaterie. We reckon Sophie’s now a National Treasure as well as one of our very favourite artists.



We’ve always liked people with a sense of humour – what else is there we ask? Our old friend ex-military troubadour James Blunt gave it his all at a glamourous Cotswold shindig, with his typically self-effacing Atlas piano pose.



We were taught at an early age to be hands on – with everything. Reassuring then, to see our leader perfecting his technique with Henry.



Simply all the fun, all the time.