Back In The Fast Lane

One of the few positives from the nightmare we’ve all lived through must surely be that you’ve been spared the mindless missives, the showing off and the bragging from us here in the fast lane. Yup things have been unusually quiet.

So it’s with some trepidation that I have to announce those days are now over. Like some elderly chrysalis we’ve been reborn – once again fluttering close to the light fantastic. Bet you’re secretly thrilled that we’re back to spice up your rather humdrum lives.




Reluctantly we were called back to new paradises in Montenegro to produce The Gipsy Kings for our friends in Portonovi – yet another international triumph.





Like the very old days we’ll be returning to our 70’s funk roots at a North Norfolk celebration.




And hopefully not spilling any blood on the dancefloor of a famous eaterie in Mayfair.




We celebrate the return to the frippery of our little showbiz world. We’re grateful to still be here.